Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder [TESTED BY EXPERTS ]

Best Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder For 2022 I know how frustrating it feels to want to give to nature, and you see skilled ninjas with fluffy tails trying to ruin your mission. Even if you bought a bird feeder labelled “100% squirrel-proof”, some evil creatures still outwit you. I decided to take the weekend off and go … Read more

Can Wild Birds Eat Chia Seeds? [BEST ANSWERS]

Most wild birds thrive on avian nutrition of insects, worms, seeds, grasses, pollen, nuts, fruits, and berries. Wild birds may feed for these items throughout their day, depending on the species and season. If you’re concerned about what your bird is or isn’t eating or if your bird doesn’t eat at all, there are a … Read more

Feeding Winter Backyard Birds in Alabama

Alabama is notable for being the home of a wide species of wild birds in winter. Setting up a bird feeder and feeding winter birds in Alabama can be hard if you have no idea of feeding winter birds. What birds come to feeders in Alabama in winter? When to start feeding birds for winter? … Read more