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Jasmine Wolf
Jasmine Wolf

Hi, my name is jasmine, I am your neighborhood granny and a career zoologist of 45 years, I have been bird watching from my porch for 20 years. then I took interest in identifying birds.

Now I am able to identify most birds by sight and sound, I hope to share my experience with you, it will be a great pleasure to read your comments about this blog. I will also provide photos of birds that I have captured using my canon 1100d camera and a 300mm lens attached to it.

I have always been interested in birds since I was a child. I remember the first bird book I got for Christmas when I was seven years old. I had so many bird books I could not put them all on my bookshelf. It seemed every week I would get a new book and add it to my collection.

I still have most of those books to this day, some are very old and hard to find but I love looking at the pictures and remembering all those good times in my life. Mainly what I like about bird watching is that it can be done from your own home or porch, you don’t have to travel far to see a variety of birds.

You can see many beautiful birds right here in your own backyard. All you need is a pair of binoculars or a scope and you are ready to go. If you don’t have binoculars or a scope don’t worry, you can still enjoy the beauty of the birds without them.

I have seen many people sitting on their porches just watching the birds and enjoying their beauty. Birds are fascinating creatures some sing beautiful songs while others fly very fast through the air chasing each other around trees and bushes. Some even eat from your hand if you know how to attract

I have come across many interesting facts about birds over the years. I have compiled some of these facts into this blog site for your enjoyment. In these articles, you will find amazing facts about birds, as well as beautiful pictures of them and a place to upload your own bird photos.

So please come back often as there will be new posts every week devoted to interesting facts about birds!!!

I will be posting pictures of various birds found in the US, Europe, Australia, and some parts of Asia,

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