12 Most Beautiful Small Brown Birds In Your Backyard (Free HD Pics)

Small brown birds are mostly small, drab brown birds that are known as LBJs or “Little Brown Jobs.” They are numerous small brown birds in the US, and amongst them, I have carefully outlined the ten most famous small brown birds. 1. Common Yellowthroat Botanical Name: Geothlypis trichas Common Yellowthroats are small brown songbirds that … Read more

Baby Seagulls –11 Interesting Facts You Didnt Know

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Feeding Winter Backyard Birds in Alabama

Alabama is notable for being the home of a wide species of wild birds in winter. Setting up a bird feeder and feeding winter birds in Alabama can be hard if you have no idea of feeding winter birds. What birds come to feeders in Alabama in winter? When to start feeding birds for winter? … Read more

40 Most Common Backyard Birds in Ontario Canada

40 Most Common Backyard Birds in Ontario Canada Few things in nature stir the imagination like backyard birds in Ontario. From American Robin to Black-capped Chickadee, many species visit our bird feeders in Ontario every season. While there are hundreds of different types or species of backyard birds in Ontario, we will only discuss forty … Read more

8 Most Beautiful Woodpeckers in Virginia + Free HD Downloadable Pics

  Woodpeckers are one of the famous sets of birds in Virginia that are known for their peculiarity. In Virginia, there are eight species of woodpeckers, and we are looking at each of them in this article. The 8 Species of Woodpeckers in Virginia 1. Red-bellied Woodpecker  Red-bellied Woodpeckers can be seen year-round in Virginia … Read more

13 Amazing Orange Backyard Birds In America (With Free Printable Pics)

Birds are primarily white or neutral in colors, so seeing an orange bird is most times surprising. At times we are forced to ask questions like; why are these birds orange? Are orange birds healthy birds? These are a few of the numerous questions we do ask. Why Are Some Birds Orange? There is no … Read more

12 Beautiful Yellow Backyard Birds in Colorado (With Printable Pictures)

 Yellow birds are a popular set of birds in Colorado, mostly seen during spring and summer (May June). There are 12 species of yellow birds in Colorado, and all are of different features and specifications. In this article, you will get to learn about each of the birds and their unique features. 1. Lesser Goldfinch … Read more

14 Most Common Red Birds in Texas

Red Birds are one set of beautiful birds in Texas that you can see at different times of the year. Some stay in the states, throughout while some prefer staying only in winter. In this article, we are looking at some of the most common red birds in Texas which include their structure, feeding habits, … Read more