Black-Capped Conure vs Green Cheek Conure

If you’re thinking of adopting birds as a pet, it might be difficult to choose between a Black-capped conure and green cheek conure since they both make wonderful companions. Conures generally enchant people with their liveliness and curious personality. They range in size from little to medium.¬†They often want to be where home activities are … Read more

Crimson-bellied Conure vs. Green-Cheek Conure

The Black-capped Conure and Green Cheek Conure are two very similar species of parrot. Both have long tails, large heads, and powerful beaks. They both also have green or blue-green-colored cheeks. However, there are some differences between these two birds that you should know about before introducing them to each other. The Black-capped Conure and … Read more