[ANSWERED] Human Vs. Eagle

The Human vs. Eagle debate will not go away so soon! While eagles have better eyesight, hearing, and grasping power, humans with the most developed cognitive brains are more versatile and intelligent than eagles. Eagles are the kings of the birds because they have better vision and can see much better in low light conditions. … Read more

Can Birds Fly Without Feathers?

They say that birds can’t fly without feathers. But did you know that some birds can fly without any feathers at all? There are plenty of species of birds out there that are just as much flying machines as your pet parakeet is. While some birds have to grow feathers in order to be able … Read more

Can Birds See In The Dark?

Can Birds See In The Dark? It’s no secret that birds are able to fly and see in flight. They have evolved with wings and vision far beyond that of their dinosaur ancestors. Many even have their own specialized characteristics. However, can they see in the dark? Can they spot food and predators while flying … Read more

[BEST ASNWERS] Do Birds Lay Unfertilized Eggs?

Do birds lay an unfertilized egg is a common question and one of the many reasons people are confused about the subject? Some birds lay eggs without mating; this makes people wonder if birds lay unfertilized eggs. This depends on the species, but some birds lay eggs without ever mating with a male. We’ll cover … Read more

How Long Can Birds Go Without Water [All Questions Answered]

How long can birds go without water is a common question from pet owners and wildlife enthusiasts. Birds are incapable of enduring long periods without water, but birds need water to live and can die if kept without water for an extended period. The body of birds has an incredible ability to retain water. As … Read more