Black-Capped Conure vs Green Cheek Conure

If you’re thinking of adopting birds as a pet, it might be difficult to choose between a Black-capped conure and green cheek conure since they both make wonderful companions. Conures generally enchant people with their liveliness and curious personality. They range in size from little to medium. They often want to be where home activities are … Read more

Crimson-bellied Conure vs. Green-Cheek Conure

The Black-capped Conure and Green Cheek Conure are two very similar species of parrot. Both have long tails, large heads, and powerful beaks. They both also have green or blue-green-colored cheeks. However, there are some differences between these two birds that you should know about before introducing them to each other. The Black-capped Conure and … Read more

[ANSWERED] Human Vs. Eagle

The Human vs. Eagle debate will not go away so soon! While eagles have better eyesight, hearing, and grasping power, humans with the most developed cognitive brains are more versatile and intelligent than eagles. Eagles are the kings of the birds because they have better vision and can see much better in low light conditions. … Read more

Top 20 Most Beautiful Black Birds + HD Downloadable Pics

Blackbirds are so beautiful. They are rare, and it is very hard to find them. We have made a list of the top 20 most beautiful blackbirds globally. These are the birds that will catch your attention with their beauty. Blackbirds appear differently across the world. Some have a red, pink, orange, or yellow color … Read more